Giving the past a future.

Restoration Β»


Antique mirrors, picture frames and other gilded pieces can become damaged over the years. Gilding wears from over cleaning and may get painted over, frames can suffer knocks and lose pieces. Antique mirrors and picture frames can fall off the wall when wire or string is used for hanging.


My workshop is fully equipped for antique gilding restoration. Always using traditional methods and materials. 23.5ct and 23.75ct gold leaf is always used unless alternative finishes are asked for.


I have a large collection of moulds covering most styles and anything I don't have I can recreate by hand.


Restoration work can vary from as little as repairing and gilding small chips in the gesso on the frame, to removing any layers of paint, varnish and past restoration to find the original surface. Following such repairs the piece can be patched or re-gilded and aged. I can be guided by you or advise as to the finish of the gold on your mirror, picture frame etc.

'My picture frame fell off the wall', don't worry it's not a problem for me to fix even if it's a bag of bits!

I work with private individuals, antique dealers, interior designers, design agencies, auction houses and insurance companies.


Please contact me to discuss your restoration requirements, I undertake any size shape or gilded object and give it back its former glory and be enjoyed for many years to come.




I restore mirrors and picture frames from all over the country. A lot of my antique restoration work comes from London. I don't have London overheads so I'm more competitively priced for the same quality.

Reproduction Β»


I have produced a wide range of reproduction antique mirrors and picture frames. Most antique styles can be reproduced using my large collection of moulds, which have built up over the years.


Sometimes clients find that the right size, shape or a quantity of a piece is just too elusive to find, here is where I can solve the problem.


The reproduction mirrors and picture frames are made by hand using traditional methods and materials. Gilded in 23.75ct gold leaf for water gilding and 23.5ct gold leaf for oil gilding.


The wooden frames are made by a local cabinetmaker, the mirror plates come from a local family company, The gold and materials comes from a company in Wales (although I don't think they mine the gold  there anymore) the rest is down to me. So the frames are as close to made in Britain as I can make it.



My reproduction and commissioned mirrors and picture frames have been sold worldwide from the Caribbean to the Middle East.

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